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Landscapes, Cityscapes & Still Life

Throughout the 20th century, photographers have captured the beauty and romance of a Winter landscape, the 1920's pictorial settings of New York's Central Park and California's coastline, the 1930's California dunescapes or Midwest depression era housing of young families, the 1940's & 1950's cityscape nostalgia under New York's 3rd Avenue EL, the detail abstractions of man made bridges, tunnels, buildings and trains to the tranquility of forest studies.

We hope you enjoy our selected works. Listed is Photographer, Circa, Title and Price.

• POR means (Price on Request) • (Prices are subject to change and prior sale)

For ALL additional information Please Contact the Gallery.

For additional images by respective photographer, click on the photographers underlined name.

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Arthur Siegal c. 1950
"March" Photogram POR

Storie della Terra
Mario Giacomelli c. 1970's
"Storie della Terra" $9,500

Muscle Beach, Los Angeles
Max Yavno c. 1949
"Muscle Beach, Los Angeles" $10,000

Two Boys Under a Tree
John Patrick Salisbury
(For Drew & Jimmy Exhibition click name)

Dorothea Lange
(For Lange Exhibition click name)

Mohonk Lake, NY
Andre Kertesz c. 1970
"Mohonk Lake, NY" $7,500

Andre Kertesz c.1972
"Martinique" POR

Edmund Teske c. 1960's
"Abstraction" $3,500

Dime Box Texas
Andrea Modica c. 1994
"Dime Box Texas" $2,500

Dutch Fishermen
Robert de Smet c. 1930
"Dutch Fishermen" $3,000

Head in the Wall
Clarence John Laughlin c. 1945
"Head in the Wall" $4,500

Aquatic Plants, NJ
George Tice c. 1964
"Aquatic Plants, NJ" $3,500

Fulton Street
Todd Webb c. 1948
"Fulton Street" $4,500

Fulton Street
Jim Steinhardt
(For Steinhardt Exhibition click name)

Man Selling Art
Jim Steinhardt
(For Steinhardt Exhibition click name)

Martin Elkort
(For Elkort Exhibition click name)

Natures Bikini
George R. Hoxie c. 1940
"Natures Bikini" $1,500

The Quarry
George Kendall Warren c. 1870's
"The Quarry" $300

Garden Entrance
George Kendall Warren c. 1870's
"Garden Entrance" $300

Rural New York
Lewis Hine c. 1915
"Rural New York" $2,500
Broken Barrier, CA
Karl Baumgaertel c. 1932
"Broken Barrier, CA" $1,500

Old Telephone & Radio
Roman Siemanowski c. 1934
"Old Telephone & Radio" $750

The Trail, Maine
Bertrand Wentworth c. 1915
"The Trail, Maine" $1,000

Forest Across the Water
Walter Latimer c. 1915
"Forest Across the Water" $600

Gilman Gullickson c. 1920's
"Spring" NFS

Mission Bell, Capistrano
Cecil Atwater c. 1930's
"Mission Bell, Capistrano" $1,500

Along the Coast, Maine
Albert R. Benedict c. 1920's
"Along the Coast, Maine" $600

My Garden in Visine
Albert R. Benedict c. 1920's
"My Garden in Visine" $600

Death Valley
Louis Fleckenstein c. 1930's
"Death Valley" $900

Telescope Peak
Louis Fleckenstein c. 1930's
"Telescope Peak" $900

Tug Boats, Los Angeles
Louis Fleckenstein c. 1923
"Tug Boats, Los Angeles" $3,500

Los Angeles
Louis Fleckenstein c. 1920's
"Los Angeles" NFS

Dockside Embrace
Kenneth Linn c. 1930's
"Dockside Embrace" $750

Lounge, S. S. Paris
Kenneth Linn c. 1930's
"Lounge, S. S. Paris" $1,500

Theron Fowler c. 1941
"Maryland" $750

Women Sewing, Indiana
John Chislett c. 1900
"Women Sewing, Indiana" $1,500

Cottages, England
James Williams c. 1885
"Cottages, England" $600

Fishermen, Santa Barbara
J. Walter Collinge c. 1920's
"Fishermen, Santa Barbara" $1,500

California Trees
J. Walter Collinge c. 1920's
"California Trees" $600

Desert Candle, CA
J. Walter Collinge c. 1920's
"Desert Candle, CA" $900

Ship Rigging, Calif Coast
Floyd B. Evans c. 1940's
"Ship Rigging, Calif Coast" $750

Mountain Goats, AZ
Floyd B. Evans c. 1930's
"Mountain Goats, AZ" $600

Shifting Sands, CA
R. Owen Shrader c. 1936
"Shifting Sands, CA" $3,000

40 Mile Desert, NV
Todd Webb c. 1950's
"40 Mile Desert, NV" $1,500

Todd Webb c. 1941
"Nebraska" $2,500

Santa Fe Trail
Todd Webb c. 1955
"Santa Fe Trail" $750

Rock Tower, AZ
Werner Stoy c. 1938
"Rock Tower, AZ" $900

Fields of Italy
Giovanni Massara c. 1950'
"Fields of Italy" $1,000

At Her Home, Italy
Giovanni Massara c. 1950's
"At Her Home, Italy" $1,000

Horace Ashton c. 1900's


We Hope You Enjoyed the Selected Highlights from our Landscape & Cityscape Collection.